Why Seal Your Ductwork?

NICOR, North Shore and Peoples Gas all endorse duct sealing. The utility companies know that 20-35% or more of the air flow in your ductwork is lost due to leakage. This results in higher utility bills and comfort issues throughout the house. If you have uncomfortable rooms or areas within your home, duct leakage is usually the culprit.

A simple demonstration is to walk around your furnace and ductwork and place your hand around any seam or joint. All of the air that you feel is being lost and not getting to the rooms that need it. Some of the most common benefits of duct sealing are:

  • Comfort — By sealing the ducts you will redirect the air that was lost in the basement, wall cavities and attic. This “extra” air will go directly into the living space and improve your comfort.
  • Indoor Air Quality — Leaky ducts can suck in unwanted allergens, chemicals and various airborne particles and then disperse them into your living area, especially if your ductwork is located in crawl spaces and attics.
  • Save Energy — The more leakage you have means it will take longer to satisfy the thermostat which results in higher energy costs.

Official Heating & Cooling is a factory authorized installer for “Aeroseal” which is featured on “This Old House” and is endorsed by Lou Manfradino. To see how much leakage your system has, call us for a FREE in-home demonstration.

why seal your ductwork