Different Temperatures in Rooms

Why are my rooms different temperatures?

Various Home Levels and Air Leaks

Most homes have a temperature variance in some rooms. The homes that have the greatest amount of different temperatures are 2 Story, Tri-Level, and Bi-Levels.

We have two methods to resolve these problems, aeroseal duct sealing and zoning.


As seen on “This Old House” is a patent design product that seals air leaks in your duct work. The average home loses approximately 25 – 40% of airflow due to leakage. Sealing those leaks resolves any issues with home comfort levels. Aeroseal duct sealing is non-toxic, UL tested and approved.


In addition to setting up zoning, we offer a 100% money back guarantee with the installation in your home. This consists of installing a separate or multiple thermostats along with electrically operated dampers in the ducts. Your furnace is controlled by multiple thermostats. They give you the exact comfort you want in any part of the house.

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