Why Are My Ducts Leaking Air?

Ducts Leaking Air

Most homeowners have probably noticed air leakage around their furnace and ductwork but just assumed that it was the norm. Unfortunately, this air loss can be anywhere from 20-35% or more. Any ducts leaking causes your furnace and air conditioner to run longer. This raises your utility costs and also creates uncomfortable rooms.

Within the last few years, the building codes have mandated that ducts be sealed in new homes. The Energy Code from 2002 requires that all new homes have to be tested for envelope leakage and duct leakage* prior to getting an occupancy permit. If your home is 5 years old or newer it should be in compliance with the new codes.

The vast majority of homes, condos, and townhouses can do something to fix this problem; the solution is Aeroseal. This is a patent designed process that can seal as much as 96-98% of duct leakage. The importance of this is significant in reducing your energy costs and improving your comfort.

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If you have a 3-ton air conditioner and the ducts have a 30% leakage, then your system is only delivering a little over 2 tons of cooling into your living area. The net result is longer running time, higher bills, and less comfort.


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Aeroseal was partially funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy and it is endorsed by the EPA and practically every utility company across the country. It is featured on “This Old House” and it is endorsed by Lou Manfredini.

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