What type of furnace should you buy?

When it comes to residential furnaces, most of our customers have natural gas. In some of the more rural areas you will usually have propane or electric. For the vast majority of NICOR and North Shore customers, their choice for furnaces are either 80% or 90% efficiency. There are different options within each level of efficiency but conceptually there are the two primary categories:

Two Types of Furnaces

80% Efficiency

These furnaces vent via a metal chimney, are non-condensing and are found in most older homes, condos, and townhouses. They do not qualify for any rebates or tax credits.

90% Efficiency

These furnaces will maximize your comfort and energy savings. In some states they are mandatory for any new construction. The most distinguishable feature is that they are vented with a PVC pipe out the side of the house. If you plan on being in your home for a few years, then this furnace is your best choice.

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what type of furnace should you buy - free hvac estimate