What kind of water heater do you have?

There are still areas around the globe where running water from a sink or bathtub are non-existent. Western civilization has a lot to be thankful for because we accept so many conveniences as the norm. When you turn on any faucet in the house you get hot or cold water. We all know there is a water heater somewhere in the house. But very few home-owners give too much thought to what type of heater they actually have.

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Years back there were only two types of water heaters: gas and electric. Today, we have several variations within these two groups. The geographic region that we live has a lot to do with the type of heater you have.

The most common types of water heaters

  • Storage Tank – Either gas or electric, this is your normal water heater
  • Power Vent – Used in new construction because you don’t need a conventional chimney
  • Heat Pump – Electric hybrid storage tank
  • Indirect Heater – Storage tank with an internal copper coil that is heated with a boiler
  • Tankless – Wall hung unit that provides virtually instant and unlimited hot water
  • Solar – Only effective in hot climates

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