Duct Work Problems

What is wrong with my duct work?

Design and Size of Equipment

When it comes to home comfort, most people think about their heating and cooling equipment. It is true that today’s high-efficiency equipment can make a substantial difference in comfort. However, the crux of indoor comfort is almost exclusively tied to proper design and installation of your home’s duct work. Also, constant upkeep with cleaning the ductwork ensures a working system.

Unfortunately, most builders don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for function. Duct work is bulky and consumes the most space from all trades. Therefore the compromise is usually made to use smaller sizing so that soffits and chases can be smaller. The net result is poor airflow, uncomfortable rooms, and excessive noise.

In most cases, we can do some modifications to remedy these problems. The three most common and effective solutions are:

  1. When possible, install radius fittings on the supply and return ducts to reduce static pressure and noise.
  2. Aeroseal to seal all the air leaks in the duct work and improve overall comfort.
  3. Install additional cold air returns to reduce noise, decrease static and improve comfort.

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How does Aeroseal work?

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Your air ducts currently look like the image on the left, and with Aeroseal they look like the image on the right. Saving you money by eliminating any leaks! Read more about how duct sealing can fix your ducts and save you money today!