What are the benefits of duct cleaning?

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is now listed as one of the top environmental threats to your health. Your duct system is the culprit in accumulating and distributing airborne contaminants throughout your home. These pollutants include dust mites, mold, tobacco, smoke, allergens, and animal dander.

NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) states that indoor air quality is much lower than air quality outdoors, and is more polluted compared to the outside air. Duct cleaning and sanitizing is the first step in combating indoor air problems.

Some of the primary reasons for having your ducts cleaned are:

  • Health – Anyone with respiratory problems or allergens would certainly benefit. People with health issues should also add filtration, U.V. and whole house dehumidification.
  • Air Flow – During construction or remodeling all types of debris can end up in your ducts. (We have actually removed scraps of lumber and drywall). All these unwanted items can compromise the air flow and reduce comfort.
  • Energy Savings – Excessive debris build up can migrate to your blower. heat exchanger or evaporator coil. These restrictions can cause premature failure of the blower or heat exchanger along with freezing up the coil in the summer.

Duct cleaning can improve air flow, increase efficiency, and help maintain a cleaner home.

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