Tips for a more comfortable home

Tips to improve indoor air comfort

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  • Do not block supply or return vents with furniture.
  • Keep interior doors open if the room has no return duct.
  • Attic insulation should be at least R38.
  • Keep furnace filters clean.
  • Have equipment inspected annually.
  • Have ducts professionally sealed with Aeroseal.
  • If your HVAC equipment is over 10 years old, consider upgrading to higher efficiency equipment.
  • You should have a carbon monoxide and leak detector in key locations.
  • Use exhaust fans when showering or cooking.
  • You should have a U.V. light to kill mold, mildew, and bacteria.
  • Install a dehumidifier in your basement.
  • When running your A/C system, keep the blower in the furnace running constantly.
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