Stay Healthy During This Flu Season & All Year Long

Cold temperatures and the flu season are lingering around longer this year.

We want to help you to have a healthy home. In order to have a healthy home, an indoor air quality product by Carrier, like the Infinity or Performance Series Air Purifier can keep the air in your home clean.

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Both purifiers use Captures & Kills technology to rid the air of up to 99% of cold and flu viruses, as well as other pollutants.

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Capture & Kill technology is a 3 step process.

Capture & Kill Technology

Step 1:

Particles pass through the air purifier where they are electrically charged by the precision-point ionization array. It uses 22,000 volts DC to create dense “clouds” of ions that attach themselves to the particles.

Step 2:

A special designed media cartridge is placed between 11,000 volts DC and electrical ground. A strong electrical field is created across the filter. It causes the negative and positive charges within each filter fiber to separate. Then they migrate to opposite sides of the fiber (polarization).

Step 3:

The intense electric field established across the filter results in a charge separation across the captured pathogen’s cell membrane. The final result is the rupturing of the cell membrane causing inactivation or death. This patented technology kills captured viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other allergens. Thus, the capture and kill technology.

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