Should I Schedule a Furnace Tune Up?

Most furnace manufacturers recommend annual tune-ups as a part of routine furnace maintenance. Realistically, however, many people don’t bother to take this step. It’s one worth considering, though, if it’s not something you do already as a matter of habit. Take a moment to learn more about furnace tune-ups and why this process is important and beneficial.

Calendar - Should I Schedule a Furnace Tune Up

What Is a Furnace Tune Up?

Let’s start by answering the “what is a furnace tune up” question to give you a better idea of what this process actually entails. It’s a type of furnace maintenance that’s usually done by an HVAC professional. A tune-up of your furnace is a general inspection of all key parts and systems. Specifically, a furnace tune up done by an HVAC technician typically involves:

  • Checking the filter and changing it, if necessary
  • Seeing if there’s proper airflow through ducts and registers
  • Looking at electrical controls, the heat exchanger, blower, gas valve, and other important components
  • Checking the thermostat to see if it’s displaying the right temperature and triggering cycles as expected

What Are Signs Suggesting It’s Time for a Tune-Up?

A furnace that’s working properly is often one that’s out of sight, out of mind. But there are some signs you should pay attention to that suggest it’s likely time for a tune-up. This list includes:

  • Irregular furnace cycles
  • Needing to set your thermostat higher to achieve the desired comfort level
  • Heating-related bills higher than usual for no clear reason
  • Reduced indoor air quality, suggesting there could be airflow or circulation issues
  • Hearing odd sounds during furnace operation

What Are the Benefits of Regular Furnace Tune-Ups?

Average winter highs in Illinois range from the 30s in parts of the state to the mid-40s in others. Lows can be in the teens and 20s. This means furnaces typically get a lot of use in most parts of Illinois during the fall and winter months. A furnace tune-up ensures your heating system will be up for this task. Being diligent about regular furnace maintenance offers other appealing perks. These include:

  • Increased system efficiency, which could mean lower heating bills
  • Reduced risk of unexpected heating emergencies when your furnace is needed most
  • A boost in overall furnace lift expectancy

There are some furnace tune-up steps you can do yourself. For instance, the filter should be changed or cleaned at least every 3 months. Also, lightly vacuum areas you can safely reach. However, it’s still best to have a professional tune-up and inspection done annually since these tune-ups are more involved. Plus, HVAC technicians know how to spot potential issues or small problems early, and they’re trained to check furnace parts safely and make any needed repairs or adjustments.

Schedule a Professional Tune-Up Today

A tune-up for your furnace is ultimately a cost-effective way to keep your furnace working as intended. It’s a thorough and beneficial process that also helps maintain your home’s comfort during the colder months of the year in Illinois. If it’s been a while since your last furnace tune up, schedule one today to gain some added peace of mind.