Is your basement too cold?

Many people decide to utilize the extra space in the basement by converting it into a rec room or game room. The unintended consequences are almost always the same. The finished area is colder than the main living area upstairs.

basement temperature variance - hvac company


There are many reasons for this temperature variance. Some of the most common are:

  • Basements are below ground and the average temperature of the soil is usually about 55°F. If the foundation walls were not insulated properly then much of the heat will be lost to the walls and concrete floor.
  • No provisions were made for supplementary heat in the basement. This will always result in a cold room.
  • Solar heat gain. On sunny days the sun will heat up parts of the main house which will prevent the furnace from running. This will prevent any heat from going into the basement and therefore makes it even colder.

If you are suffering from a cold room, addition, or basement, please give us a call because we specialize in resolving these problems.

is your basement too cold