Is My AC Drain Line Clogged?

An air conditioner has many parts that need to remain in good working order to maintain your home’s comfort, one of which is the drain line. It’s responsible for removing water released as your cooling system’s evaporator converts refrigerant from liquid to gas form. Over time, an AC drain line can become clogged, which is definitely a reason to contact us about air conditioning repair. Below, we go over signs to look for suggesting you have a clogged AC drain line.

Air Conditioner - AC Drain Line Clogged

Importance of Clean, Clear Drain Lines

Humidity is what really makes air conditioning often very much appreciated for Illinois homeowners during the warmer months of the year. Therefore, it’s safe to assume you don’t want to be dealing with a clogged AC drain line when you really need your air conditioning system to be working right. It’s also during these months when you’re most likely to experience issues with damaged AC drain lines.

AC Drain Line Clogged Symptoms

As for how to tell if you have an AC drain line clogged or blocked, there are some signs and symptoms to look for so you’ll know when to contact an HVAC technician. The more common signs and symptoms include:

  • Dripping/pooled water: If you notice water dripping from your AC unit, it could be due to a clogged drain line. A clogged drain line can also cause water to gather or pool around your system’s unit.
  • Full/overflowing drip pan: Placed underneath evaporator coils, your AC’s drip pan collects moisture from the coils above it. But if it’s regularly full or overflowing, the reason could be a clogged drain line.
  • Mold: If your drip pan has mold on it, the reason could be a drain line clog that’s creating excess water.

A clog may also cause damage to the area immediately around your AC unit or parts within the unit. Get into the habit of checking this area on a regular basis so leaking water from a clog doesn’t cause too much damage.

How a Professional HVAC Company Can Help

Trained HVAC technicians know how to quickly and accurately confirm and identify clogged air conditioning drain line issues. They can also make necessary repairs to get things flowing again as intended. So, if the answer to “is my AC drain line clogged” is likely yes based on signs you’re seeing, don’t put off calling a professional HVAC company for AC repair and service.