How Much Air is Your Ductwork Losing?

Most homeowners only think about their furnace or A/C if there is a mechanical failure. As long as the equipment heats or cools the house, everything is okay. Unfortunately, there are many other issues going on that could affect the safety, longevity and efficiency of the equipment.

One of the biggest problems that most homes have is the amount of air loss from the ductwork. Years ago there were no standards pertaining to procedural aspects of installing ductwork in new homes. Fortunately, within the last few years the building codes have changed and now require all seams to be sealed. But there are no mandatory requirements to retro fit the vast majority of existing homes with leaky ducts.

Studies have shown that the average home has a duct system that loses between 20%-40% of the air flow. So if your house has a 3 ton A/C unit and your ductwork ahs 30% air loss, that means you are only getting approximately 2 tons of cooling from the registers. This translates into longer running time and loss of comfort.

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how much air ductwork losing