How is your I.A.Q.?

Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) has become one of the fastest growing industries within the HVAC product lines. Back in the 70’s when we had an oil embargo and long lines waiting to fill up with gasoline, builders started to erect homes that were virtually air tight. The unintended consequences of these super efficient homes lead to the “Sick Home Syndrome”. Many people became ill from the off gassing of toxic fumes from carpeting, counter tops, etc. Basically, that was the genesis of I.A.Q.

Humidifier - Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.)

There are many offshoots within the industry but some of the most common that we use on a regular basis are:

  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger (HRV/ERV) – These are mechanical ventilators that remove stale, musty indoor air and bring in fresh outside air. This is a must for anyone that has a super tight house.
  • U.V. – Ultraviolet light is the only product that can actually destroy germs, bacteria, mold, etc.
  • Air Cleaners – these are mechanical filters that are available in different degrees of filtering abilities, measured in M.E.R.V (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). Ratings from 8-13 are usually used in homes.
  • Duct Cleaning – Remove years of buildup in your duct system. This will maximize the efficiency of any air cleaner.
  • Duct Sealing – Improves air flow by 25-30% and prevents impurities from being sucked into the ducts via attics, crawl spaces, and basements.
  • Humidifiers – Add moisture to your home during the heating season. Proper humidity levels will make your home feel two degrees warmer.

I.A.Q. - Indoor Air Quality