How Does Your Duct System Rate?

Your indoor comfort is a direct function of the quality of your ductwork. Most homeowners only think the equipment is the crux of indoor comfort, but even a Rolls-Royce can’t get you anywhere if it has four flat tires. With a poorly designed duct system even the best equipment can’t give you a quiet and evenly distributed air flow system. If your house is over ten years old then it would not be in compliance with current codes and energy guidelines.

Unfortunately, a properly designed duct system requires a lot of space (compared to plumbing and electric). Most builders want to minimize the size of soffits and chases which are needed to conceal the ducts. Once we compromise the proper sizing for aesthetics, then the functionality of the system will suffer. The net result is always poor airflow, uneven temperatures, and excessive noise.

Duct System Solutions

In most cases we can resolve these issues if we have access to the ductwork. Some solutions that we use are:

  • Zoning — Adding dampers and thermostats to control problem areas.
  • Aeroseal — Seals 95-98% of duct leakage.
  • Add — Additional supply or return ducts based on specific needs and static pressure.

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