How does spring affect you?

How Does Spring Affect You?

Now that spring has officially arrived, most of us are looking forward to warmer weather. Unfortunately, for many people, it is also the beginning of allergy and respiratory problems. We have no control of the outdoors but we can definitely control the indoors. With the proper equipment, we can eliminate most indoor air irritants, mold and humidity problems and help with spring allergies.

The following items are some of the most popular that will improve your indoor air quality:

  • Duct cleaning will remove years of debris from your system. We can also sanitize the ducts with a germicidal solution. If any ducts run through an unconditioned space like a crawl or attic, then you should consider Aeroseal to seal leakage.
  • Filtration – There are various levels of filters that will reduce airborne particulates.
  • UV – Ultraviolet will attack any potential mold formation in your cooling coil and some can even attack airborne germs within the home.
  • Dehumidifier – With a whole house dehumidifier you have complete control of summertime moisture problems. This will minimize AC usage and at the same time make your home more comfortable.

With the implementation of any of these products, you will improve your indoor comfort by removing most of the air-borne irritants.

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