Whether you have a forced air system (often just called a furnace), or a hot water or steam system, we can provide the equipment and expertise to solve your home comfort problems. No other Northern Illinois furnace dealer or heating contractor has a greater ability to meet your home comfort needs at a better price. Official Heating & Cooling also offers furnace repair and maintenance and repair plans to lengthen furnace life and lower the long-term cost of furnace ownership. We also have a fully stocked warehouse if you need replacement parts.

Furnace Repair

Make sure you’re changing your furnace filter every 3 months, or when needed. Constant furnace maintenance can extend the life of your system. But if you see that your furnace requires more than a filter change, call us.

We’re available 24 hours for all your HVAC repair needs so get in touch with us today at 815-220-5125 or request an appointment online.

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