Everything You Need to Know About Carrier Infinity Gas Furnaces

Infinity 98 Gas Furnace with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Also called the 59MN7, the Carrier Infinity 98 is a variable-speed, condensing gas furnace with efficiency ratings of 98.5% AFUE. It’s meant for multi-position, flexible installation, including downflow, upflow and horizontal. The Infinity 98 gas furnace is Hybrid Heat compatible and Energy Star certified — if coupled with Infinity Touch control and an Infinity heat pump.The Infinity 98 gas furnace has a primary aluminized steel heat exchanger that’s corrosion-resistant and a secondary fin-and-tube heat exchanger made of stainless steel. The Infinity Touch controller also keeps track of the system and affords remote control. The insulated cabinet lowers heat losses and joins with the furnace’s variable-speed function to offer sound levels during operation as low as 38.4 decibels.

Infinity 96 Gas Furnace Overview

Carrier’s Infinity 96 gas furnace is precision-engineered with IdealHumidity™ to provide a comfortable and constant temperature around the entire home. The Infinity 96 holds an Energy Star certification in all sizes, with an AFUE of 96.7% at most. This is a 4-way multi-poise and two-stage unit that has a variable speed blower.

It’ll function in its low stage setting for 90% of its lifespan to avoid temperature fluctuations, save power and offer silent performance. The overall scheme of the Carrier Infinity 96 unit is certified by the CSA. The Infinity 96 is a member of the Infinity® Series furnace line by Carrier.

carrier Infinity Gas Furnace

Infinity 80 Gas Furnace Review

The Carrier Infinity 80 is a gas furnace precision-engineered with “IdealHumidity” to extend a satisfactory temperature around your home. This furnace is a furnace with an AFUE rating of up to 80.0%. Similar to the Infinity® 96, it’s also two-stage, 4-way multi-poise system with a variable blower speed motor.

Infinity 80 Gas Furnace Review

Licensed Comfort Technology

The Infinity product line stays on the cutting edge of comfort at all times. Carrier’s registered innovations, driven by variable-speed tech, are certain to present quality comfort in the worst conditions — with no differences on your energy bill!

Hybrid Heat® Innovations

Coupling the Hybrid Heat technology with the Infinity heat pump and gas furnace is both intelligent and efficient. This innovation measures the external air temperature and chooses the type of fuel that is most cost-effective for that situation. In cooler weather, for instance, utilizing your gas furnace could be too much — and just an electric heat pump could be all that’s needed to stay comfy.

When temperatures get cold and icy, however, furnace heat might be adequate. The system automatically shifts modes to keep you comfortable at all times while saving energy.