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Comfort Without Compromise

Mitsubishi Electric brings unmatched energy efficiency, performance and control to home cooling and heating.

It’s never been easier to keep everyone in your house comfortable, without spending a fortune on your energy bills.

Official Heating & Air Conditioning is your ductless split system expert! We can take care of any ductless service, repair or installation you need!

Avoid High Energy Costs for Your Crystal Lake or McHenry, IL Home

With Mitsubishi Electric, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures in the rooms you live and work in while reducing energy costs on the ones you don’t. Their INVERTER-driven compressors automatically adjust to changing conditions to provide optimal comfort, only using the energy necessary for your needs. This means that instead of expending energy to heat or cool unoccupied rooms, you can save money while still enjoying the premium performance Mitsubishi Electric offers. So why pay to condition rooms you don’t use? With Mitsubishi Electric, you no longer have to!

  •  INVERTER-driven heating performance is far more efficient than traditional heat pumps.
  •  Cooling is up to 40 percent more efficient than standard systems.
  •  Single and multi-zone systems available to fit any room or your entire home.
  •  Options include more than 25 ENERGY STAR qualified models and nine ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models.

Do you struggle with hot or cold zones in your home? A ductless system's precise zoning can eliminate those issues!

Hot or Cold Problems?

The American Home Comfort Study (AHCS) reports that a staggering 67 percent of homes in the United States suffer from an uncomfortable room temperature due to inefficient ducted forced air systems. This can be particularly troublesome during extreme temperatures when some rooms may become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. But there is an easy solution – Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems. These systems are designed to provide you with maximum comfort all year round, regardless of the outside temperature. With Mitsubishi Electric, you can be sure that your home will be comfortable no matter what. So don’t suffer through another summer or winter of temperamental temperatures – invest in a Mitsubishi Electric system and enjoy year-round comfort.

  •  Wireless control unit senses the temperature throughout the room and makes automatic adjustments.
  •  Installation is as simple as mounting units, connecting the refrigerant lines and making a few electrical connections.
  •  No ductwork required, so installation is fast and doesn’t require any messy renovation.
  •  Options for single rooms, multiple rooms or your entire home.

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How can you benefit from a Mitsubishi Ductless System?

Pacheco Home
Fountain Valley, California: Ed’s perspective

Ed Pacheco is most impressed with the quiet operation and energy-saving features of the Mitsubishi Electric ductless system in his home.

Lisa Vail, Homeowner
Lisa Vail, Homeowner: Indoor Air Quality Benefits

Lavoie Home
DeLand, Florida

Josee Lavoie discusses the benefits of the Mitsubishi Electric M-Series ductless system in her mid-century modern Florida home.

Renovations & New Homes in Crystal Lake, McHenry and Chicago Suburbs

Official Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions as an alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. With its compact size, our ductless system requires only a 3″ opening for two refrigerant lines, control wiring and electrical connections – no more need for extensive installation of ductwork! These systems are the perfect solution for new additions, renovated bedrooms, office spaces, garages and basement workshops or studios – any home that can’t accommodate ductwork. And with our affordable furnace repair services available around the clock in Crystal Lake, McHenry and the Chicago suburbs you can rest assured that your Mitsubishi Electric ductless system will be well taken care of. Contact Official Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about our services and how you can benefit from our Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions!

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Official Heating & Air Conditioning for your furnace repairs:

  •  Outdoor units come in a wide variety of capacities, are compact, lightweight and easy to install.
  •  Attractive enclosures are available to beautify and protect outside refrigerant and electric lines.
  •  Indoor units can be installed anywhere in the room – on the ceiling, walls or floor.

Carrier Heat Pumps Official HVAC Crystal LakeMitsubishi Heat Pumps Official HVAC Crystal Lake


Mitsubishi Ductless Split System Benefits


A whole-home system from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating can help ensure better, fresher air in your home.

Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration

Capture and remove contaminants that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, spread illness and impact air quality.

Platinum Deodorizing Filter

Available on select systems, Platinum Deodorizing filters use nanotechnology to absorb odors to neutralize the worst smells.

Washable Filters

Washable filters last up to 10 years and give you another way to save money and reduce environmental impact.


Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions™ help you use the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain your desired indoor temperature.

Inverter-Compressor Technology

Conventional systems are either on or off. All or nothing. Our compressors ramp up or down based on the needs of each room to maintain comfort and conserve energy.

Zone-By-Zone Control

Control each zone in your home independently and even turn off zones that are not in use.

Energy Star

Many of our systems are ENERGY STAR qualified and may be eligible for federal and state tax credits or local utility rebates.


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating has introduced a significant advancement in heat pump technology, making our products an excellent solution for maintaining your home’s comfort, even in extreme cold climates.

Hyper-Heating H2I

Designed to provide comfortable indoor temperatures in extreme cold-climate conditions (as low as -13° F) while saving energy and money.

Minimal Energy Consumption

INVERTER zoning systems deliver only the amount of hot air needed to achieve the desired temperature: no more, no less.

Instant Hot-Start

Hot-Start technology ensures you feel warm air immediately.


Our indoor units operate as low as 19dB(A), quieter than a human whisper. Outdoor units operate as low as 58 dB(A)—the level of a restaurant conversation or background music.

No Ducts, No Noise

Ductless solutions and short-run ducted systems deliver cooled and heated air directly to the rooms they serve, without the need for noisy fans.

Quiet By Design

All system components are designed to work in quiet harmony with details like an insulated compressor compartment and vibration dampeners.

No Noisy On & Off

You never have to hear the disruptive clanging of a central air system turning on and off again. With our systems, that noise is a thing of the past.


Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to stay in control of your cooling and heating systems with our new kumo cloud™ app, available on smartphones and tablets. You can access the app wherever you are and choose from a variety of options to customize your experience. With flexible temperature settings, timer functions, and energy-saving programs, this app simplifies the task of managing your home climate. Enjoy ultimate convenience and control with Mitsubishi Electric’s kumo cloud™ app.

Remote Comfort

Remotely adjust your settings so every room in your home is the perfect temperature, avoiding unexpected cold and hot surprises upon your return.

Total Zone Control

RedLINK™ technology allows you to connect up to 16 devices to your cooling and heating system, without interfering with other wireless home devices.

Program Settings

Program schedules for mode and temperature with our kumo cloud app and create reminders to check the status of filters.


Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions™, including our deluxe wall-mounted models, use advanced features like 3D i-see Sensor™ to monitor occupancy in individual zones and adjust the temperature so you are always comfortable.

Zoned Monitoring

Air handlers in each room measure return air and adjust automatically, rather than adjusting to conditions measured by a thermostat in a different room.

3D I-See Sensor

For select units, 3D i-see Sensor scans the room, detecting occupants’ heat signatures, and adjusts temperature and airflow to maintain temperature and eliminate cold or hot spots.

Inverter Technology

Rather than turning on and off at certain temperature thresholds, INVERTER technology continuously ramps up or down to maintain the desired temperature.


With Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solution™, you can tailor your home heating and cooling needs to the unique requirements of each room. Instead of having a single system that treats all areas equally, our systems focus on each living space individually. This results in greater customization, energy efficiency and simpler installation processes. With this advanced technology, you can achieve the precise comfort level in each room of your home that you desire. Whether you need to heat or cool a single room, renovate your entire house, or build a home from scratch, Mitsubishi Electric has the perfect solution for you.


Comfort-Aire Ductless Split System Standard Warranty

Models include 5 year compressor and 1 year parts warranty.
Additional 12 year parts and labor warranty with Total Rock*Star Plan.