Do spring allergies affect you?

As most of us look forward to the warmer weather, many others dread it because it negatively affects their health. Spring allergies are inevitable for those affected, but unfortunately we can’t control the outdoors. However, we can control the indoor environment. With the proper equipment we can eliminate most indoor air irritants, mold and humidity problems.

spring allergies indoor air quality

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The following items are are some of the most popular that will improve your I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality):

  • Duct Cleaning – This will restore your air delivery system to like new condition. We can also sanitize them with a germicidal solution.
  • Aeroseal – A patent design process that seals over 90% of duct leakage. This will result in greater efficiency, comfort and minimize pollutants from entering your duct system.
  • Filtration – There are various levels of filters that can reduce and eliminate airborne particulates.
  • U.V.Ultraviolet is the only proven product that can kill mold, mildew, and airborne germs. It is used in many municipal water plans to sterilize drinking water.
  • Dehumidifier – A professional grade unit will keep your basement free of any musty odors, mold, and mildew growth. It will also reduce operating costs of your central A/C system.

If you can eliminate most of the airborne irritants from within your home by implementing the applicable remedies above, you will definitely improve the quality of your wellbeing.

spring allergies - indoor air quality