Can you virus proof your home?

This year is definitely proving to be a challenging one. With all the mandates that have decreed, it has become imperative that our homes have to be as safe as possible. We have two products that have been clinically tested to inactivate airborne pathogens.

Today more people are working from home and kids are learning from home. All this congestion is reason enough to make sure that the indoor air quality is as clean and healthy as possible.

Two Best Air Quality Products

The two products that will give you the best possible air quality are: Respicaire U.V. and the Infinity Air Purifier. These products are designed to kill and/or capture viruses, bacteria along with any other airborne particulates. Third party testing has conclusively shown a 99% kill rate for COVID-19, bacteria, common cold surragates, and human influenza.

We are offering a combo discount for anyone interested in maximizing your home’s air quality and maintaining your well being.

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woman sitting on couch - indoor air quality products