Can You Have Too Much Humidity?

Everyone should know the benefits of having the proper levels of humidity in your home during the heating season. However, like so many things in life, a good thing can turn into a potential problem.

humidity on home window

Ideally, the humidity level in your home should be in the 35-40% range. The balancing act begins when the outside temperature drops into the low teens or minus category. That is usually the time you see condensation on your windows.

When supersaturated warm air comes in contact with ice cold glass, the result is condensation. If you see this on your windows then turn down the humidistat or else you could damage your window frame or sill plate. In extreme cold weather you should always keep the humidity level above the dew point. When the outside temperatures rise, you can then raise the humidity level.

Because every home has different and unique characteristics (infiltration, insulation, quality of windows, etc..) there is no perfect humidity level that is applicable to every house. The best rule of thumb is to use your windows as a guide.

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