Should I Schedule a Furnace Tune Up?

Most furnace manufacturers recommend annual tune-ups as a part of routine furnace maintenance. Realistically, however, many people don’t bother to take this step. It’s one worth considering, though, if it’s not something you do already as a matter of habit. Take a moment to learn more about furnace tune-ups and why this process is important … Continued

What type of furnace should you buy?

When it comes to residential furnaces, most of our customers have natural gas. In some of the more rural areas you will usually have propane or electric. For the vast majority of NICOR and North Shore customers, their choice for furnaces are either 80% or 90% efficiency. There are different options within each level of … Continued

How is your I.A.Q.?

Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) has become one of the fastest growing industries within the HVAC product lines. Back in the 70’s when we had an oil embargo and long lines waiting to fill up with gasoline, builders started to erect homes that were virtually air tight. The unintended consequences of these super efficient homes lead … Continued

Is there carbon monoxide in your home?

It is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that can be toxic to humans and animals. Typical symptoms are headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. The gas in question is carbon monoxide which can be brought into your home via your ductwork. The source is your furnace, if it has a defective heat exchanger. Defective Heat … Continued

Is My AC Drain Line Clogged?

An air conditioner has many parts that need to remain in good working order to maintain your home’s comfort, one of which is the drain line. It’s responsible for removing water released as your cooling system’s evaporator converts refrigerant from liquid to gas form. Over time, an AC drain line can become clogged, which is … Continued

How long should your air conditioner last?

Statistically, the typical compressor on your a/c system should last 15 plus years. We come across 20-25 year old systems quite often. Even though these units are still cooling your home, they cost you twice as much on your electric bill than a new unit. A/C Repairs vs. New Equipment The older units are using … Continued

Where is Your Thermostat Located?

Throughout the year we receive numerous inquiries regarding indoor comfort issues. Sometimes the problem is simply relocating the thermostat. The larger the house the more difficult it is to have uniform temperature with one thermostat. For most homes, the ideal location for a thermostat is a hallway. This tends to give the most uniform temperature … Continued

Do you want a dry basement?

In a typical spring/summer we get some heavy downpours. For many homeowners this leads to a wet basement. We encounter many sump pump problems that could be avoided. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their basement unless there is a problem. We encourage all homeowners to be proactive and avoid a … Continued

When should I replace my air conditioner?

There are a lot of decisions homeowners have to make at one time or another, one of which could involve a/c replacement. On average, it’s typically somewhere between 12 to 17 years before it will be time to contact a professional HVAC company about replacing your air conditioner. This being said, there are many things … Continued

Do you have condensation on your windows?

Most people are familiar with condensation on the inside of their windows in the winter. This is due to excess indoor humidity. But why does condensation occur in the summer? Window Condensation in Summer During the cooling season, window condensation can be found on the outside of the glass. This is usually seen in the … Continued