Air Conditioner Servicing: Once a Year, Every Year

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Air Conditioner Servicing: Once a Year, Every Year


Our trusty air conditioners serve as indispensable allies in the throes of blistering summers and relentless heat waves with proper air conditioner servicing. But, as with all machines, these marvels of modern comfort require routine care to operate at peak performance.

While it might be tempting to assume that a sporadic filter swap is the entirety of their maintenance needs, there’s a much broader picture to consider. Let’s explore why ensuring your air conditioner is serviced at least once a year is a non-negotiable task.

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Stay Ahead with Preventive Care

It’s an age-old adage: prevention is better than cure. By routinely servicing your AC unit, potential issues can be identified and rectified before they morph into significant, costly problems.

Regular check-ups mean that most fixes are minor and more affordable. Moreover, a timely AC tune-up is a time-saver, typically wrapping up in just one to two hours unless a more severe issue emerges.

The most common causes of an air conditioner failure are a capacitor and/or contactor failure or a hole/leak in the system causing a loss of refrigerant. All of these, plus an entire list of other checks, are done during a routine “Clean & Check” appointment.

The cleaning portion is also very important. The air conditioner coil is designed to disperse the heat being pulled through the system, but if the coil is covered in dirt and dust and looks like it is wearing your favorite ugly sweater, then the AC coil cannot breathe properly, cannot dissipate that heat, also causing stress on the AC system and ultimately causing the system to fail, leaving your home with no A/C and an expensive service repair call, probably after hours or on a holiday, to add to the extreme nature of the situation.

Cost-Efficiency and Savings

An unserviced air conditioner steadily loses efficiency, dropping by approximately 5% yearly. This decline means your AC has to work harder (and consume more energy) to cool your space and signifies a rise in your energy bills.

Neglecting your AC’s health can slash its lifespan in half. Consider this: while regular servicing might cost between $90 and $300, a brand-new air conditioner can set you back up to $9,500.

The Optimal Servicing Seasons

While annual air conditioning servicing is necessary, timing can make a difference. Early to mid-spring is ideal for prepping your unit for the forthcoming summer. Additionally, consider a check-up in the fall, as your HVAC contractor can ensure your heating system is winter-ready. Ideally, schedule your AC tune-up as soon as the temperatures are above 60 degrees. But before the humidity sets in.

It’s wise to avoid peak summer for tune-ups, as HVAC technicians are swamped with repair requests. Conversely, winter poses risks; running your AC in frigid conditions can damage it due to the thickening of the internal oil, leading to system malfunctions.

By joining our “Rock*Star” Maintenance Plan, we will contact you when it’s time to schedule your Spring AC and Fall Furnace “Clean & Check” appointments and provide our Rock*Stars with priority booking before we open the calendar to all our other customers.

You will also receive priority pricing, paying only $179 per year, which includes BOTH cleanings. With the average price of $119 per cleaning, this SAVES you $59 per year. You will also receive discounts on additional service calls, equipment upgrades, and more. It pays to be a “Rock*Star.”

Comprehensive Maintenance Coverage

When you schedule a service appointment, expect a thorough check-up. Professionals will replace air filters, clean and inspect indoor and outdoor coils, ensure the thermostat is functioning correctly, clear the condensate pump of debris, and visually inspect the entire HVAC system.

Test all AC electrical components along with refrigerant pressures, in addition to testing the furnace motor, to ensure that it’s also properly functioning to distribute that newly conditioned COOL air.

Regularly servicing your AC ensures that all components are in prime condition, ready to provide you with optimal cooling.

Introducing Harmonic HVAC’s Rockstar Maintenance Program

Harmonic HVAC presents the Rockstar Maintenance Program for those who recognize the immense value of maintaining their HVAC system in tip-top shape.

Tailored for those seeking unparalleled benefits and savings, this program is designed to keep your heating and cooling system performing like its superstar.

Let’s dive into the specifics of these 3 fantastic programs:

DIY Tips for AC Maintenance

In between professional air conditioner servicing, there are steps you can take to maintain your AC’s health:

Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils: These coils accumulate dirt over time, hampering the system’s efficiency. Use compressed air or water from the hose for outdoor units and gentle brushing for light dirt layers.

Regular Filter Replacement: Change the air filter every 90 days or sooner if you have pets or allergy-prone family members. A clogged filter hinders efficiency and compromises air quality.

But don’t use high MERV-rated filters; they restrict too MUCH airflow. Some systems cannot handle the static pressure, and it will cause significant damage to the system. Use a lower MERV white pleated filter, and change more often, as often as needed, when it looks dirty.

We also highly recommend upgrading to a 4″ filter kit from Honeywell or Aprilaire for better filtration and lower static pressure. Ask for details.

Vents Maintenance: Every three months, unscrew and wipe your vents to remove any buildup, and vacuum inside the ducts to minimize dust circulation.

We also provide vent cleaning services, which experts recommend be done every five or so years.

Winterizing Your AC: Before winter sets in, clear debris around the condenser, rinse the outdoor unit, cut the power supply, insulate pipes, and use a cover to protect the AC.


Regular air conditioner servicing isn’t just about ensuring comfortable temperatures; it’s about being “Smarter, Healthier, and More Efficient.”

And when you think of entrusting someone with your HVAC needs, Harmonic HVAC should be top of mind. With a team of seasoned professionals and an unwavering commitment to quality, they stand ready to ensure your AC remains in pristine condition.

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