Benefits of Switching to a 30+ SEER Heat Pump for Cost Efficiency

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Benefits of Switching to a 30+ SEER Heat Pump for Cost Efficiency

MARCH 28, 2023

Homeowners in Illinois understand the importance of having energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment for their homes. An energy-efficient HVAC system can help homeowners reduce their heating and cooling bills as well as qualify for high-efficient utility rebates and tax credits. Understanding how energy efficiency is rated and what types of HVAC systems provide the most benefits can help homeowners save a significant amount of money each month.

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Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)

What is SEER in the context of air conditioning units? The SEER of an air conditioning unit is the measurement used for determining how well the air conditioning unit uses energy to produce the desired temperature in a home. Until recently, the previous air conditioner units were rated between 13 and 16 SEER. Higher SEER numbers indicate higher efficiency. Each “point” on the SEER is valued at about $7.00 per month in savings. So, a unit ranked at 16 SEER would cost $21 less per month to operate than the unit ranked at 13 SEER.

With new regulations calling for higher-efficiency equipment, the new air conditioning units are now starting at 15 SEER and reaching levels of 18 to 26 SEER, which can save homeowners even more money. However, switching to a heat pump system can push the SEER number even higher.

Types of Heat Pumps

What is a heat pump? Heat pumps are a heating and cooling system that is much more energy efficient than a central air system. The average heat pump operates at 18 to 26 SEER, with some systems operating at 30+ SEER. There are two main types of heat pump systems, the standard heat pump, and the ductless mini-split system. The ductless mini-split system has become the most popular system because of its high energy efficiency, programmability, and ease of use.

A new mini-split system from Mitsubishi can operate at 30+ SEER. When you think about it, that is 17 points higher than your average air conditioning unit or a savings of about $120. Any homeowner would be thrilled with the option of saving that much money each month on their heating and cooling bills. They use very little energy, can supplement existing ducted HVAC systems, causing them to run less often, and as an added feature, they are virtually silent.

Because of their energy efficiency, heat pumps also qualify for many government IRS tax rebates. New federal rebates under the Inflation Reduction Act can help homeowners pay for most of the heat pump system. Many states and power companies will also offer additional rebates for installing these energy-efficient systems.


If you are ready to upgrade your heating and cooling system, contact a professional HVAC company to discuss the many benefits of installing a high-efficient air conditioner or heat pump system in your home. With the available rebates and the money you will save each month in reduced energy costs, installing a high-efficient system seems like a very easy decision for any homeowner.


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