Are your ducts airtight?

Most homeowners have probably noticed air leakage around their furnace and ductwork, but just assumed that it was normal. Unfortunately, this air loss can be anywhere from 25-35% of the system’s capacity. Any air leakage requires a longer run time for the equipment. This wastes resources and creates uncomfortable rooms.

Within the last few years, the building codes have mandated that all seams and joints in the duct system have to be sealed. The energy code requires that all ducts in an unconditioned space need a blower door test before an occupancy permit can be issued. If your home was built within the last 8-10 years it should be in compliance with the code.

Seal Duct Leakage With Aeroseal

The vast majority of homes are older and have a 20-35% leakage problem. We do have a solution for resolving the problem. It is called Aeroseal. This is a patent designed process that seals duct leakage by as much as 98%. The importance of this is significant in reducing your energy consumption and improving your comfort.

If your home has a 3 ton A/C unit and your ductwork is losing 30% airflow, then you are only getting approximately 2 tons of cooling. The net result is longer running time, higher bills and less comfort.

With the push for energy conservation, reducing utility costs and improving indoor air quality; Aeroseal is the only product that can seal your duct system. For a FREE in-home evaluation, please call us at 800-350-HVAC (4822)

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