Based on statistics from national insurance companies and fire departments from across the country, dirty dryer vents account for the most house fires, far above any other single contributing factor.

According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, dryer vent fires account for:

  • Over 15,000 house fires.
  • Hundreds of injuries.
  • Over $35 million in property damage.

Lint and other debris build up in the vent pipe which reduces air flow and backs up exhaust gases that can create a fire hazard.

Signs that tell you its time to clean your dryer vent:

  • Clothing is still damp after a cycle.
  • Drying time takes longer than 40 minutes.
  • Musty odor on clothes following drying cycle.
  • Excessive heat build up in the room.
  • Large amount of lint and debris around lint screen.

The best two tips for avoiding any fire hazards from dryers is to do annual cleanings of the vent pipe and minimize the amount of elbows in the vent system.

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