Air Conditioner Repair or Replace – What’s Right for You?

Even in Illinois where winters can be noticeably cold and snow-filled, summers can bring heat and humidity. This is definitely not a time to need air conditioning repair. Realistically, there are still times when urgent HVAC services are required to get your cooling system up and running again. In many cases, an experienced HVAC company can solve the problem. However, you may be at a point where you’ll need to determine whether or not to opt for a new air conditioner over repairs. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, there are some things we recommend considering as you weigh your AC repair vs. replace options.

air conditioner repair or replace - arrows in two different directions

Age and System Efficiency

Prior to 2006, the standard recommendation with AC efficiency – referred to as the SEER rating– was a 10 rating. Today, however, the minimum requirement is a 13 rating for air conditioners. If your current system is older and not at this level with efficiency, a new A/C install is worth considering, especially if repairs are becoming increasingly frequent. Even if this isn’t yet the case, updating to a newer, more efficient cooling system can boost your long-term savings potential. Also, regardless of the SEER rating, an older cooling system is not going to be as efficient as a new one.

The Extent of the Problem (and the Cost to Fix It)

The extent of AC problems requiring repair can range from fairly minor to much more serious or involved. This is why the first step to take when your cooling system is on the fritz is to get a professional assessment to determine the full extent of the problem. Doing so also gives you a chance to get a ballpark estimate for what it will likely cost to fix the issue. If it turns out repair-related costs are going to be more of a budget-strain for you, a strong case for replacement can be made. Compressor replacement, for example, falls in the $2,000 or so range, although this cost may be lower if you still have warranty coverage.

New AC-Related Features You Might Prefer

Lastly, as you weigh your AC repair vs. replace possibilities consider whether or not your current system is lacking features you would appreciate. Newer HVAC or central AC systems, for example, can be set up in a way that allows for more precise zone control with how cool air is distributed. You may also prefer a new air conditioner if your current system is lacking any of the following features or accessories:

  • A more accurate programmable thermostat
  • Optional indoor air quality additions
  • Variable-speed compressors
  • “Smart” features such as app-control capabilities

Get an Expert Opinion from a Trusted HVAC Company

To repair or replace air conditioner or cooling systems isn’t always an easy decision. If you’re still on the fence about this, get a professional opinion. As a trusted source for A/C repair near me, this is something we can provide for you based on an assessment of the issues with your AC. Contact us today to benefit from any of our HVAC services.